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             " We do not need to fear Life  ,
     as Its highest plan unfolds   "     

    Dear  lovers  of  life ,


Welcome and thank you very much for being here!


am here to offer hope and Love, even when times are tough.

I am here on this Earth with you.


I am walking it just like you do, with only a small difference. 

I am so grateful to have completed my necessary lifetimes on Earth and to stick around a little longer to give back. I invite you to take this opportunity to frame your life with new clarity, which can easily be accomplished by yourself. Make sure to take it, to love yourself and to nurture yourself fully and thoroughly!


My sole commitment is for you to nurture yourself from top to bottom, with both mind and heart, and with your feet blessing the earth you walk on.. !


For you to know that, no matter what, you are a child of Consciousness and that, for this reason alone, you deserve to love yourself all of the time.


I am here to help you in your becoming aware that, no matter what you have been through, it can be healed. And that, no matter the anguish you have felt, it can be dealt with - by placing all of what no longer honours you into the hands of something more loving, greater and more powerful.

Together, we will kindly and lovingly connect (or rather re-connect) you with Divinity or Divine Presence, which we all represent and are perfectly part of, and the powerful healing that occurs with that.

Gently, we could be moving into the darker realms that have been troubling you, but only to bring light and salvation to it! We will be lighting you up from within, for you to be able to see clearly Who You Are and who you are not, what is part of Who You Are and what is not, what is healing for you as an individual and what is not, and how to continue to follow that in a way that feels supportive of yourself.


All one to one sessions go into this same depth, in one way or another, whether it is physical healing or deep conversation that you would like to visit for. In every session, we will in one way or another touch on and honor the Essence of who you are - gently and in a way that guides you to a secure shift in your awareness of Yourself, supporting and allowing you - from then on forward - to feel and define your feelings in a way that is healing, and, to know who you truly are.


All sessions are based in love and honor and you will be heard and taken care of with kindness, light and faithfulness.


It is up to you alone to take this opportunity, and I fully honor your either decision. If you are feeling called to this gentle yet powerful way of healing, I hereby invite you to take a look through this website to see what it is we offer, and if you wish, to get in touch with us

Lots of blessings to you!



  With Love, 


Fenn   Elevera


" Fenn is a lovely spirit that I've loved since she was born. Her strength continues to blow me away. She is a power lady. She's shown me many ways in life that I hadn't noticed myself: ways for Grace, Friendship and Power I hadn't seen yet. She made me a Leader as I made myself one. Always will I stand by Her.

Yohan , Spirit Master and Best Friend

" Fenn is a bright and comforting spirit who is always willing to expand who she is and what she does. She is an inspiring force of a woman who listens deeply to her inner heart and who's healed herself from a dark life in order to help and serve the world. She is a true and genuine inspiration to those who meet her.

Sasha Pirthee , Artist

" Fenn is a force of nature! I mean that quite literally. She represents the natural world of spirituality, bravery, truth and wisdom to an extend that I have never before encountered. She has taught me so many things, perhaps the most important of which is developing an appreciation of myself and my truth that I too can find and embrace within.

G. Aster , Writer


" Fenn is a deep spirit, born into an unaware family through which she suffered much torture. Like most of us, she has fought her way through to become a stronger person, but she did it with a twist: she has lifted herself up and has brought light to herself through her growth, that's not only healed her but given her a greater perspective on Life as a whole. She has volunteered herself towards multiple humans and causes, supporting and helping her friends and those surrounding her through her intuitive gifts that came to her through self-healing and enlightenment, for which she has never depended on a teacher to get her there. The answer to both her struggles and to her incredible outcomes is, Faith. Faith is what she has always lived by and stood by. It was her very surrender to her personal life of hardship and her ability to see a greater future that has brought her to her abilities, her healing power and the possibilities she sees for the World. It is her connection to 'God' or the higher Divine Energy Source that we are all connected to, that has truly brought her to where and who she is, and that allows her to see Light in everyone and bring her Own Light to them. Fenn Elevera is a shining star in many ways. 

Harlan Jones , Spiritual Healer, Life Coach and friend

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