" To love yourself is to hear yourself
     and become the answer   "     

   Self-Love;    Going  Home



During this course, we shall be visiting a deep and special part of our Selves: the us that loves ourself. We shall be visiting it, in order to become one with it and to make friends with it  - so to become more and more familiar with this place of Self-Love. We shall be loving it and nurturing it: the Id or the Self. We shall be caressing it within our hearts until it knows no more than to love us back. This is when the lover and the loved one become one: a union of the perceived self and the actual self. It is a deep, loving and joyful exploration wherein only truth, wholeness and happiness lie  - a gentle rekindling of the Soul: Self-Love.


An organic process indeed...  And we shall be walking it, in a safe and sacred space. All women and men welcome - all who have felt both lost or at home, bitter or happy, tired or alive - you are welcome.


  With Love, 




This special course is lead by

Fenn Elevera and consists of

twelve weekly evening sessions.

Starting date:  To be confirmed

Time:  Mondays 7 - 9.30pm GMT

Location:  ONLINE (ZOOM)


Cost:  £199.-

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To ensure your place in this course, 

please book in advance as spaces will be limited.