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                       " To heal yourself is to grant yourself
                  the joy of  Sacred Love   "         

            Guided   Healing


Healing is what Fenn does best. It's in her nature - the healing Spirit. She enjoys it because she gets to be herself.

    How it works:


When hands are laid on you that allow God's knowing or wisdom to pass through, a healing can emerge. It is a beautiful process where love is channeled and peace becomes an alignment between the healer and the receiver. Fenn works not only with Omnipresence but also with her own devoted angel Johan. During the guided healing, a simple surrendering of Fenn is required upon which that of the receiver will follow. A pure, simple receiving of love - good vibrations, if you will. This has an effect of healing on the body. 


When we are calm and peaceful, we can hear our own suffering that causes our ailment. That suffering, of the heart or in our thoughts, is picked up by Fenn during the healing session and she will inform you about it, as part of your appointment for your personal betterment and speedy recovery, gently making you aware of what may or may not be troubling you that is causing your pain - manifested in your body. This, in turn, will help you grow in awareness and to heal on all levels, not only the physical.


She will then offer you some notes or homework: some simple practices, specially and uniquely attuned to you and your individual well-being, for you to follow from the comfort of your own home to speed up your recovery, whilst the healing continues. You may experience profound relaxation during your session and you may or may not experience some emotions arising, if they are ready to be purged by you.


You will be in good hands...


  With Love,

   the Team

" After having a session with Fenn I felt an incredible release. I was amazed that she was able to sense and feel what I was feeling without needing to even ask. It seemed that she sensed my pain plus my deeper emotions with non-invasive and gentle touch. She was able to see and recognise where my pain was being held and what it meant and even knew exactly what to do with it. She gave profound, meaningful, intuitive and helpful advice and council and helped me move forward in my recovery from emotional and physical pain. Definitely recommended! She has an incredible gift!

Mary Morgan ,  Physiotherapist & Disability Analyst, London

" Fenn is an incredible psychic and healer. I absolutely loved the session with her and felt instantly relaxed. She really got to the core of the problem and treated the issue very well, unlike anything I have ever seen with other reiki masters or practitioners. She was meant to do this work. My issues are getting much better and the pain has diminished completely. Thank you so much, I'm a believer now.

Sonya van Geelen ,  Creative Therapist, Slough

" I went to see Fenn Elevera for a problem I had with my elbow and what happened was fantastic. I could honestly feel the pain leave through my skin in what felt like a cork screw motion where she held her hand. I was amazed with the treatment and very positive results and will visit again if I ever need to. She was also perfectly lovely and kind. Many thanks again, it's much appreciated!

David Walsch ,  Commercial Editor, London

" I was pleasantly surprised by Fenn's gift when she placed her hands on my sore leg and hip which soon heated up and started tingling so I knew something was happening. My condition has since gone from chronic to much more doable with many light days or days off as I like to call them. I'm so grateful and wish I'd visited more times while I still lived in the area as I'm certain it would have helped me even more than this already has. The results have been tremendous, thank you!

Annabelle Lewis ,  Doncaster

" I have suffered from back pain and headaches for as long as I can remember. With Fenn's help (a sort of gathering and balancing of the body's energies) I felt an initial, practical relief from pain and tension and then the following days this relief increased. I feel like a completely new woman and I feel much calmer. I have seen her several times since and would really recommend this to anyone!

Madelaine Palmer-Smith ,  Art Director, London

In the interest of providing people with equal opportunities, we've made these guided healing sessions available at a flexible cost. This means that you are free to decide the amount to pay us, which you feel is appropriate as per its value to your personal life and situation. Most people choose to pay around £100.00 to £150.00 for their healing session. If you have difficulty paying this, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Healing sessions can take place in person or at a distance through online communication and by performing effective distant healing work.

To enquire or to book your healing session, click here.


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