To really know Life ,  one requires Faith   "


            Intuitive   Support


Have you ever wondered what your life would look like, should you have access to all source of knowledge and earthly or human wisdom: God... It happened to Fenn, and she'll happily share it with you! A very skilled psychic, she will be able to answer the questions that you most desire having answers to.


What's more, she will lead you in the right direction, meaning that she will pick up the most desired questions and answers as proposed by Fate or a higher existence - guiding you to yourself, your greatest strengths and virtues and that who you enjoy to be, to become or to grow into.


She's an incredible talent with a great heart who will not let you down...



  With Love,

   the Team

 Did you know that the act of receiving and passing on authentic higher knowledge or guidance is only possible if it is done in love and Light and to serve people's highest good? The context of any reading is Love and Kindness. No information will be given nor received for you that is not empowering or helpful to you - which means that that you will be perfectly guided at any specific or given time of your life. No questions are off-limit and, equally, no answers will be given to you that surpass your own safety. You will be taken care of as is appropriate for your personal situation and as is empowering to you, your life purpose and your greatest good.


You can relax in the knowledge that you and your questions are truly in safe hands and that all questions are perfectly welcome.


" I received my psychic guidance from Fenn Elevera by email (I live in the US so meeting personally is impossible) and I was more than delighted with my answers to my questions. They were exactly what I hoped for and much, much more! Not only were they hitting the nail on the head and surprisingly accurate, true and detailed, I just loved every word, every sentence! It all was so insightful, truly eye opening and filled with love and higher energy. It's now been over two years since receiving Fenn's psychic reading and to this day it still means everything to me. I still read the document often and it still makes me feel good. I receive so much from the words, as if they are infused with beautiful energy, the words bringing me love. I do not have enough words to describe how truly grateful I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you, many times over! You are still doing me, and I'm sure many more people, a great and irreplaceable service

Sarah Jensen ,  Teacher, San Francisco

" Fenn's personal guide or angel who she frequently works together with seems to be a Master. He sees into you, past all your defenses and illusions to the truth. He then starts to unpick the knots out and unravels the conspiracies of the ego to release you from these unwanted traps. He does this with great gentleness, kindness, love and unwavering acceptance.

Helen O'Hara ,  Forest School Teacher, Bridport

" Fenn was brought into my life by a twist of fate and I am so very glad she was! I drove to meet her and was worried because I didn't know what to expect as I didn't meet her through friends or recommendations, so it was a complete leap of faith for me. I needn't have worried though! The instant I saw Fenn, her energy washed over me and I felt safe and calm. Fenn has a compassionate nature, she is caring and full of love. The channeling Fenn did for me was very accurate and surprisingly informative and gave me great insight to issues in my life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Una O'Connor ,  Sales Consultant, London

" Fenn's profound received guidance and kindness helped me at a time when I was struggling and lost. I am forever grateful. She has a unique and amazing gift.

John ,  Actor, Hollywood, California

" I went to see Fenn for a psychic guidance session and she was very loving, welcoming and friendly. Her compassion and understanding made it comfortable for me to just be myself throughout. The information I received was genuinely amazing and as a result has put me more in touch with myself or my inner self and my greatness as a person. It's given me peace of mind and the ability to trust myself and the Universe. Thank You!

Beata Mrazikova ,  Global Move Specialist, London

" Fenn has undertaken several sessions for me in the last few years. I have always found great comfort in the deep truth of her received messages. They demonstrate a very clear knowledge of my life's journey, my hidden hopes and desires and, most importantly, they've given me access to a world of such deep kindness and understanding of who I am that I was blown away.

Ben Andrews ,  Administrator, London

" Two months after my session with Fenn Elevera (the first time I'd ever had one!), and I still feel a sense of peace. She is a very gentle soul who lets you take the session at your own pace. I learnt so much from the information I received: firstly my eyes were opened to things I had considered problems, then I learned to see and understand them properly and let them go. I've shared some of the things that have been passed to me with some of the people in my life and it's had a positive impact on them too. 

George Copeland ,  Web Content Designer & Writer, Portsmouth

" Looking back at Fenn's channeling from months ago, so much has come true already. I didn't fully comprehend it at the time but, now that I can understand and see it for myself, it makes perfect sense. Everything in my life has taken off for me since the moment that she predicted in her reading. The psychic guidance that I received has been so relevant for me. And I was very surprised about this because she didn't know my situation. She is a beautiful soul and I have a lot of love for her!

Bristena Georgiana ,  Writer & Life Coach, London

" Me and my husband felt very honoured when Fenn Elevera provided a psychic reading for us because it involved our family life and daughter in a very tricky situation. The answers have lead us on the right path! She clearly has a gift! We are getting better. A thousand times thank you! 

Jennifer O'Donnell ,  Full-time Mother, Swansea

" I'm not saying that I was looking for answers and reasons personally. I was just looking for alternative ways to be or live. Fenn Elevera's soulful and loving sessions have given me a new perspective on how to carry myself in my relationships, such as with my parents, my brothers and my girlfriend and most importantly, my relationship with myself and my past life. Even though I didn't think that I was looking for anything, I have genuinely received all the exact answers that I needed. As a result, I've been given a gift of mental peace and calm, as well as confidence and patience with others, which I didn't see possible before. 

Vincent Rembrandt ,  Technical Sales Manager, West Drayton, London

" I have done quite a few psychic sessions with Fenn over the years. They give great clarity and she truly works from a place of love and compassion. They've always given me a very clear perspective on my personal life experiences, my life choices and which path to follow. She is also very down to earth, very friendly and completely non-judgmental!

Ayana Ferraro ,  Therapist, London

" Fenn is an amazing person who's bettered my life in so many ways. Her sessions have given incredibly profound and detailed information which is greatly helping me out in my life. I am a logical and scientific person so I prefer to think about things carefully and am naturally a sceptic, but Fenn has made such a profound difference to me and my life that I couldn't find a thing that's negative. She's amazing and well-worth a visit! She's always available on Skype and email too, which I personally really appreciate. 

Anthony Simms ,  Engineer, Brighton

In the interest of providing people with equal opportunities, we've made these psychic guidance sessions available at a flexible cost. This means that you are free to decide the amount to pay us, which you feel is appropriate as per its value to your personal life and situation. Most people choose to pay between £80.00 and £250.00 for a face to face session, an online or phone session, or a written personal psychic report. And we want to make sure that these invaluable sessions contribute to your life and lifestyle.

Fenn's psychic work is available in different ways so to suit your needs. We use ZOOM, telephone and email, seeing that some of you prefer to receive your guidance as a written document. You can also visit in person. Just let us know.

To enquire or to book your own unique and personal psychic guidance session, click here.