" To grow means to be willing

              to set your self apart   "     

       Spiritual  Healing   &   Personal  Growth


To go on a deeper journey, that of finding who you truly are, or how to utilise that Self in the world, you might need to ask bigger questions. You feel that you want to go on a quest - one that results in the full fruition of 'Who You Are'. That 'Who You Are', will then be timeless, "lifetime-less" and beyond the stars above: it will be FREE... It will indeed BE Self! It is this longing for inner freedom, that pulls you forth and perhaps has pulled you forth for a while. You are ready for something BIGGER. You may desire a life that serves a much greater and larger purpose, or, perhaps you desire a more meaningful and truthful purpose and it doesn't matter to you how big or how small.. 


You have come to the right and perfect place..  

Fenn is now offering her clients a chance to work closely together with her in four or eight weekly or monthly in-depth sessions at a pace that suits you and your life. Fenn will utilise and tailor her unique skills and services, specially combining her renowned healing, psychic and intuitive services plus her extraordinary life knowledge, exactly as and how suited for you and required by you personally... Most importantly, she will use all her strength, love and wisdom to help 'Bring You Home'.

Home Coming is the deep knowing that Life is perfect, you included! It is knowing that, with all that may seem so wrong, never was ANYTHING wrong with you! You are beautiful - as are the leaves on each tree. NOTHING that was ever created, including you, was a mistake. Ultimately, we're part of the same power, the beauty, that which takes our breath away: LIFE.

As always, Fenn will make sure that you will love yourself more fully and more genuinely as a result of her inspired work and will guide you to come to see yourself more clearly, helping you to feel much more deeply connected to yourself and to life itself.

Fenn will be there to aid your internal growth in the way, shape or form that you most need for yourself and your life, and will generously and lovingly hold all of your sorrows in absolute kindness, while gently yet powerfully helping you to birth your strengths into life.

Fenn loves all those she works with. She greatly respects their personal boundaries and personal needs, giving them precisely what's right for them, no more and no less. This is a great opportunity we suggest you take if all of the above calls to you and speaks to you personally...



  With Great Love,

   the Team

  " To grow 

 you might need to

turn yourself

 inside out,

  but to have

    what's inside become            outside is a true                experience of                     Freedom .  "


Fenn   Elevera

" Fenn's great guidance has offered me immense support in both my development as a person and my spiritual growth. Since her help, there's been a shift for me where I've begun to feel and understand all guidance and wisdom I received increasingly clearly and powerfully! The voice in me that usually constantly questions and doubts myself has been drastically turned down in volume and I feel very accepting of whatever is happening in the present moment. It's all lead me back to that one healing truth that I've always known but so often forgotten: to follow my heart! I feel so grateful for this amazing and extraordinary gift and journey, which is of great value to me, plus has had a lasting impact. It feels so refreshing to see the Light once again. Thank you! I'm from now on free to be, who I was meant to be. I'm very happy and pleased!

Kyle Roberts ,  Carer, Zurich

" I am utterly grateful that I met Fenn Elevera and worked with her, in order to work on myself. It's been so amazing and simply indescribable! She is an amazing person who has given me so much for which I will be forever grateful. Her strength and wisdom speak so loudly and clearly! She has opened me up to a new way of life. I have learnt to trust myself, to be myself, and, to be bold and honest when I need to. Her help has been enormous for me and now, one year later, I am STILL growing in confidence as a result. I can say with confidence that the work we did has changed my life and has left a big mark on me that I deeply cherish. It's been challenging, beautiful and respectful all at once, and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things that have since become a part of me. I have a much better understanding of myself, the good, the bad and the not so ugly after all! I love myself much more! I've come to realise that, you need to know who you really are to enjoy what you have. I didn't know that life could be so much fun and I'm excitedly looking forward to the rest of my life! Thank you........

A. C. García ,  Data Analyst and Business Owner, London

" Fenn is such a beautiful person inside and out. Everything has been so intriguing and exciting and at such high vibration!! She has helped me see who I am, and, has helped me to move forward in my life: two huge and surprising gifts! She has given me a whole new life!

Laura Bohmann ,  mum of three, Regensburg, Germany

These private courses offer multiple, longer length sessions and are specially created to enable you to have an even more special, transformational and personal experience with Fenn Elevera..! 

This is a chance not to miss if you feel you wish to receive detailed personal empowerment, healing and support for your life or your situation, and will be a good fit for you if your goal is to gain or achieve clarity and freedom for the life ahead of you. These unique, private courses come in either 5 or 8 sessions and are made available at extra beneficial prices because we want to honor your deep commitment that to go for in-depth, one-to-one expansion. We are committed to you and we want your journey for personal and spiritual growth, healing and expansion to feel as joyful as possible.


These special sessions will take a few hours, usually 2.5 hours each, enabling Fenn to support you in-depth, so that your personal needs and goals can be explored and counseled more deeply than with shorter sessions. These unique, personal courses are exciting, transformative, healing and life changing to say the least. We receive nothing short of wonderful feedback..


These courses can be carried out in person, online with the help of ZOOM or similar platforms, or by telephone. They can be scheduled weekly or monthly, however best suits your personal needs. 



Private journey of FIVE in-depth sessions with Fenn :   £690.-


( Only £138.00 per every 2 to 3 hour personal session )



Private journey of EIGHT in-depth sessions with Fenn :   £899.-


( Only £112.50 per every 2 to 3 hour personal session )

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