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             " To grow means to be willing
              to set your self apart   "     

           The     Soul     Expansion    Package


Fenn, her leading angel Yohan and the rest of the Angel Team, have recently carefully developed a Four Session Experience - especially designed to help and empower each individual soul to thrive fully in their life, in their own optimal and unique way! 

Every session will last 2 hours and will include: a unique gift that results into love.


Think of receiving the energy of a rose - or being gifted a rose!





In each session, we will move deeply into your soul space or your unique Soul Awareness or Consciousness, giving you immediate deeper connection with and power over your own life while exploring perfectly aligned and streamlined themes or layers to your existence.


The Theme of Your First Session will be-   LOVE

During this first session, we will focus on your personal physical growth, your personal inner growth, your social growth and your love awareness / relationships. This will provide you with an internal foundation of well-being and clarity from which to live your life more effectively and with much greater balance. This will also help you to step up into a personal place from where you can lead a far more intentional, powerful and masterful life - in a way that is entirely unique to you and in integrity with your true self.


The Theme of Your Second Session-   PURPOSE & CAREER

This second session will focus on your abilities, actions and functioning as part of your spiritual or soul's calling - experienced and witnessed from a higher vibrational Soul Level. This session will cover everything that you are capable of and what you are meant to be doing during this lifetime. This will be a hugely informative experience for the entire course and intention of your lifetime. Not only will you walk away with increased clarity, but with a clear know-how, understanding or instructions based in Clarity and Kindness for how to go about achieving this.


The Theme of Your Third Session-   PROFOUND INTENTIONS!

This session will cover possibly everything that you will need to know for your entire life about Who You Are - both as a Soul and as a Spirit (the Spirit is the togetherness-space or culmination of all of your Souls of all single or separate lifetimes). You will be clear on what this means for your life in a wider context and what you really came down here for on a greater scale. This will open up your full awareness and perspective.


The Theme of Your Fourth Session-   LOVE & LIFE AS A WHOLE BEING!!

This powerful, final session will provide a place from where you can really take your life to the next level in practicality!


During this climactic last meeting, we will incorporate all of the profound and unique knowledge and wisdoms from your previous sessions into One shape, higher energy or vibration that will make sense to you in Who You Are, helping you to powerfully step up into the power of your True Self and Being - while simultaneously channeling a clear focus and path for your life ahead.


Please be ready to step into your true self-expression energetically! 


This final step is simultaneously the most exciting and important one, seeing that it brings all the facets of you TOGETHER - in a manner that will allow you to fully know and embody Who You Are and how to live your life authentically from hereon.


This FOUR SESSION full experience is for you if you have been feeling ready to move your awareness and your life a level UP..!


The experience will take you on a journey whereby the destination is Your Already Home -

a Full Connection with Spirit.


It will also give you a far greater direction for your life, a complete comprehension about where it is going, as well as where you are meant to bring it to, plus how.


The angelic realm, your own soul consciousness and higher self will provide clear practical steps for you to walk your life with, which are very direct and unique to you.


Making life more clear-cut and empowering in a real, grounded and easy to follow way is the angelic trade mark. They do not want you to be left in any self-doubt. They want you to feel empowered to take charge of your whole life, with the full power to actually do so!


Each separate session will take about 2 hours. They can, upon your request, be recorded and sent to you as complete audio files free of charge, for your own keeping and listening back to at any later part of your life.



This truly is a once in a lifetime experience..!



   With Great Love,

    The Team

Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 13.29.41.png

  " To grow, 
 you might need to
turn yourself
 inside out,
  but to have
    what's inside you
      reflect on the outside
       is the true experience
          of Freedom .  "

Fenn   Elevera
White Lotus Flower.png

" Fenn's great angelic guidance has offered me immense support in both my development as a person and my spiritual growth. Since her and the angels' help, there's been a great huge shift for me where I've begun to feel and understand all of the guidance and wisdom I received increasingly clearly and powerfully! The voice in me that usually constantly questions and doubts myself has been drastically turned down in volume and I feel very accepting of whatever is happening in the present moment. It's all lead me back to that one healing truth that I've always known but so often forgotten: to follow my heart and my higher knowing! I feel so very grateful for this amazing and extraordinary gift and journey, which is of great value to me and my life, plus has had a lasting impact. It feels so refreshing to see and feel the Light again. Thank you! From now on, I am free to be who I was meant to be. I'm very happy and pleased that I did it!

Kyle Roberts ,  Carer, Zurich

" I am utterly grateful that I met Fenn Elevera and worked with her and the wisdom she receives, in order to work on myself. It's been so amazing and simply indescribable! She is an amazing person who has given me SOOO much for which I will be forever grateful. Her strength and wisdom speak so loudly and clearly! She has opened me up to a whole new way of life. I have learnt to trust myself, to be myself, and to be bold and honest when I need to. Her services have been enormous for me and now, some years later, I am STILL growing in confidence as a result. I can say with confidence that the work we did has changed my life and has left a big mark on me. It has been a positive, challenging, beautiful and respectful experience all at the same time, and it has opened my eyes to many things that have since become a part of me. I have a much better understanding of myself, the good, the bad or not so useful and the not ugly after all! I love myself so much more! I've come to realise that, you need to know who you really are to enjoy what you have and want to accumulate. I didn't know that life could be so much fun and I'm excitedly looking forward to the rest of my life! Thank you.......

A. C. García ,  Business Owner and Data Analyst, London

" Fenn is such a beautiful person inside and out. Everything has been so intriguing and exciting and at such high vibration!!! She has helped me see who I really am, and has helped me to move forward massively with my life: two huge and surprising gifts! She has given me a whole new existence.

Laura Bohmann ,  mum of three and founder of a creative start-up, Regensburg, Germany



The Soul Expansion Package of Four 2 Hour Sessions:  £455.-


(Paid upfront or in two installments)


Each session of this deep Soul Expansion experience will take approximately 2 hourand can be carried out in person or through all of the modern technologies at timings that suit your needs.


We can not wait for you to experience this journey! And we can not wait to meet you "in the flesh"!


For questions or to book a FREE consultation, click here.


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