Loving your self is the most loving act

   you can bestow upon the world      

  The  Beautiful  Practice  of  Self-Love


Fenn is the writer of the stunning book The Beautiful Practice Of Self-LoveShe has written this special work as a result of her infinite life successes and her deep personal struggles, which lead her to one true knowing: life is flawless - so are we.


She writes about her dark personal struggles of her life as well as her highest spiritual discoveries with true honesty and love in this novel, which is at the same time a Life Work Book,especially designed to guide and bring hope at all times. Should you feel lost, wired or perhaps in some ways broken, this is a truly healing book. We love it and so do the majority of those who have read its first copy, offering heartfelt enthusiasm, high praise and cherished love.


The book offers a truly unique experience that you will certainly remember, if not for the unique ways in which it seems to "re-member" ("re-join") you while you read it - helping you to experience yourself as Whole again by supporting you to work together with your Soul: 

the part of you that Knows. If you follow your Soul's knowing with persistence and diligence, you will undoubtably come to a place of freedom. If you follow your Soul with gratitude, you will reach an experience of true joy. 


The Beautiful Practice Of Self-Love is an exceptionally powerful and purely heartfelt experience not to be missed and soon to arrive on this website! So stay tuned, dearest lovers of life!


How The Beautiful Practice Of Self-Love works:


A life's work of knowledge is divided into 21 chapters for the reader to work through while the deeper knowing or so called The Soul, goes on a deeper journey: one of remembering and of Coming Home. Deeply challenging to parts of the mind, as well as super simple to the soul, it is sure to do its job: that of Bringing You Home.

Home Coming is the deep knowing that Life is perfect, yourself included! It is knowing that, with all that may seem so wrong, NEVER was ANYTHING wrong with you! You are beautiful - as are the leaves on each tree. NOTHING that was EVER created, including you, was a mistake. Ultimately, we're part of the same power, the beauty, that which takes our breath away: LIFE.


Let this extraordinary book guide you as it informs you, let it heal you as it educates you, let it soothe you as it makes you stronger!


The Beautiful Practice Of Self-Love, coming soon..



  With Love,

   the Team




" I read The Beautiful Practice Of Self Love at a time in my life when Fenn Elevera's messages were particularly encouraging. I appreciate the vulnerability and strength in this book, Fenn has a unique style of writing, unlike anything I have seen before! It felt as though I was hearing her voice directly talking to me! Her kind and generous heart is so evident. I feel privileged to have read about her amazing journey that's lead her to where she is today. Her desire to nurture others to nurture themselves is so evident as well. For me, one of the biggest challenges in my life's journey has been changing the way I talk to myself, and this book offers a very loving narrative which inspires and reinforces you to talk to yourself in a kinder and more accepting way. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a gentle and compassionate companion on their journey to self love. Also, this book shares so many insights I will remind myself of! 

Heidi Rogers ,  Infant Care Professional, London

" This book made me feel joyful, loved and cherished. I felt very close to the author Fenn Elevera while reading it, which was very helpful. Reading it made me want to meet her, such wisdom is captured here that is both comforting and empowering. I bravely did and followed all the exercises in the book exactly as suggested, and felt great about myself both during and as a result. After completing the entire book, I felt calm and uplifted as well as strengthened on multiple levels like I'd learned a beautiful secret about life. Without a doubt, this book has helped me to think more positively about myself. Since reading it I've often caught myself throughout the day thinking to myself and even saying out loud that I love myself, something that is very surprising for me and would normally never happen!!! I genuinely feel grateful for the confidence the book has given me, I feel like I see life with greater clarity and, the eating disorders that I've struggled with for years have calmed down significantly, if not have transformed. It's definitely been helpful and I thought the overall voice of the book was very comforting and very approachable. Truly enjoyed it and feeling happy and thankful.

I. Maysden ,  Stage Actor and Director, Bedordshire

" The Beautiful Practice of Self-Love is amazingly powerful, written with so much love you can feel it in your bones! I must say that I really appreciate the style of this book, it's like her soul talks directly to yours and wakes you up in a most beautiful way. A very empowering read! I've learnt a lot from the experience that this book provides. Also the two poems at the beginning and end are stunning, beautiful and meaningful.

Angie Brooke ,  Illustrator, Derbyshire

" I read an advance copy of the book. It had such a strong and personal voice that I was hooked at the start. It felt a bit strange to follow the recommended steps at first, but soon I really began to see the value of them and feel how they were working for me in a very practical day to day way. It's a book you'll learn to love just like it loves you!

Tom Barnett ,  Sound Developer, London

" Reading the beautiful practice of self-love feels like your hand is being held throughout the journey. You can feel the love and compassion throughout and it feels like a safe place to explore and to go on a soul journey of self-discovery and of developing your own self-love and self-acceptance. I would recommend this book to anyone who is taking courageous steps to loving themselves more or further.

Sharon Davies ,  Teacher, London




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